13 thoughts on “Woohoo, Grunts: Skirmish Has A Logo

  1. Hi Jeff, so how soon will you release more info on the Push Button Engine? So far, I think you've said it's 2D and Flash based. I guess you're using Grunts Skirmish to test it out?

      • So is Jeff's comment saying you are not in open beta meaning for the engine? I submitted my e-mail several days ago. Are you not yet ready to respond to those requests?

        • Of course we're ready. But it's your usual beta story: we have a list of people, and as the beta progresses we let more and more in. When we really throw the doors open, we will be doing blog posts encouraging people to sign up.

          • Can you give me any hints as to when you might be allowing more people into the closed beta? I am working on a Flash game which is probably half way through and I am chomping at the bit to try out PushButton to see if it can help me and my team out.

          • It doesn't look like you have signed up at the beta site. Or you can shoot me a mail directly. Give me a little mini-resume and it will be easier to prioritize you on the list. :)

          • I resubmitted my e-mail address. It has my last name in it so it should be pretty recognizable. I could not find your e-mail address anywhere. I tried to send the mini-resume to catch_all like it has at the bottom of the PBE page but that got rejected.

    • Yeah, Grunts is our test game for the engine. We will be announcing more soon, but in the meantime, anybody can take Ben up on the offer in his comment. We are not even in open beta yet, but have been trying to open things up a little more.

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