GDevelop 5.4 Released: Real-Time Multiplayer, Seamless iOS Export, and More!

The world of game development just got a lot more exciting with the release of GDevelop 5.4! This latest version of the popular game creation software brings a slew of new features and improvements, with the standout addition being real-time multiplayer support. Let's dive into the highlights and see what makes this update a game-changer for developers of all levels.

Multiplayer Magic

GDevelop Multiplayer introduction video

One of the most anticipated features in GDevelop 5.4 is the introduction of real-time multiplayer capabilities. Developers can now create games that support 2 to 8 players in each lobby, complete with built-in authentication, automatic synchronization of game states, and client-side prediction for a smooth gaming experience. Setting up a multiplayer game is straightforward, thanks to the ready-to-use lobbies and the new Multiplayer Object Behavior, which allows developers to mark active game objects.

For those looking to see this in action, GDevelop offers a multiplayer platformer game example where up to four players can team up to collect coins. This feature is designed to scale from a handful of players to thousands, making it a robust solution for games of all sizes. Check out the introduction video above and the official game example to get started.

One-Click Export to iOS

Another significant enhancement released since 5.3 is the ability to export games to iOS with a single click. This feature includes automatic uploads to the App Store, streamlining the process for developers and making it easier than ever to get games into the hands of Apple users.

Spine Animation Support

Bringing characters to life is now more dynamic with the new support for Spine animations. This allows for the integration of complex character animations, providing a more immersive and visually appealing gaming experience.

Background Loading for Faster Gameplay

Also introduced since 5.3 is the background loading of game resources, which means games can now launch immediately and continue loading assets in the background. This results in a smoother and faster startup experience, keeping players engaged from the moment they hit play.

Additional Features and Improvements

GDevelop 5.4 also comes with a variety of other updates and enhancements: - Simplified Variables: Streamlined actions and conditions for using global or scene variables, making game logic cleaner and easier to maintain. - Diagnostic Report: Identifies missing variables or behaviors in your event sheet, helping to prevent hidden bugs. - UI Improvements: A redesigned instance properties panel for a more efficient workflow. - More Community Badges: Earn credits and connect with the GDevelop community through new badges in the Get Started tab.

Since version 5.3, there have been progressive updates like blazing fast background loading, support for Spine animated objects, and one-click export to iOS, showing GDevelop's commitment to continuous improvement.

For the full list of new features and enhancements, you can check out the release notes or visit the official GDevelop 5.4 announcement.

With these exciting new features, GDevelop 5.4 is poised to empower developers to create even more ambitious and polished games. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this update offers tools that can help bring your game ideas to life.

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For more details on the GDevelop 5.4 release, visit the official GDevelop blog.

First published June 19, 2024