IGN Entertainment Acquires Gamer Network, Enacts Major Layoffs

IGN Entertainment has just made a seismic move in the world of gaming journalism by acquiring the UK-based Gamer Network. This deal brings well-known publications such as Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, and GamesIndustry.biz under its wing. Announced today, the acquisition has not only reshaped the landscape of game media but also led to immediate and significant layoffs within the Gamer Network staff.

A New Chapter for Gamer Network

The acquisition, completed for an undisclosed sum, marks IGN Entertainment's latest expansion. IGN, a division of Ziff Davis, already boasts a diverse portfolio including giants such as IGN.com and Humble Bundle. This new addition of Gamer Network's brands is set to solidify its dominance in the gaming media space. However, the deal has also brought about substantial redundancies across Gamer Network's UK-based organization.

Layoffs and Industry Reactions

In the wake of the acquisition, several high-profile redundancies have been announced. Notable industry veterans like Brendan Sinclair from GamesIndustry.biz and Alice Bell from Rock Paper Shotgun have confirmed their layoffs. Sinclair expressed his situation poignantly on Bluesky:

I've been laid off and need a new job. Maybe game journalism, maybe something else in games, maybe not games at all. Entertaining all possibilities at this point, so please reach out if you think I might be a good fit for you. - Brendan Sinclair via Bluesky

Similarly, Alice Bell shared her reaction on X (formerly Twitter):

"Guess who has two thumbs and is being made redundant following my company getting new owners." — Alice Bell via X

Stephany Nunneley-Jackson, another long-time figure from VG247, also found herself among those laid off:

"If you are just hearing about (or have heard about) the Gamer Network acquisition, I'm part of the cut group. So, on that note... if anyone is in need of a spunky (but very nice, I promise) News Editor with over 20 years experience, 15 at VG247, I'm your gal." — Stephany Nunneley-Jackson via X

The Fallout and Future Outlook

While this acquisition could lead to stronger, unified content across IGN's growing network, the immediate impact has been unsettling for many employees. Layoffs have reportedly affected a wide range of departments, not just editorial. According to some insiders, many of those let go were not based in the UK, adding a layer of complexity and frustration for the displaced staff.

Alice Bell, speaking to Aftermath, highlighted the scope and impact of these layoffs:

"The Network has lost a lot of phenomenally talented people, both in front-facing editorial and in more behind-the-scenes roles. It looks like at least one person from almost any department at a company like this you can imagine got some bad news today."

Employees were aware of the potential sale but had little warning about the layoffs, leading to a sense of betrayal and uncertainty about the future. Despite reassurances from management that job security would remain intact post-sale, the reality has proven otherwise.


As IGN Entertainment integrates these new acquisitions, the gaming community watches with a mix of anticipation and concern. Will this consolidation bring about a golden era of cohesive content and stronger brand presence, or will it homogenize and dilute the unique voices that made Gamer Network's outlets beloved? One thing is clear: the landscape of game journalism is shifting, and only time will tell how these changes will play out for both the industry and its audience.

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First published May 22, 2024