Blogging In A New Gaming World

Jeff Tunnell, a stalwart in the game development industry and the mind behind the original Make It Big In Games site, has recently broken a year-long silence on his blog. This hiatus, as Tunnell explains, was due to a whirlwind of product deadlines, strict NDAs, and the pressures of entrepreneurship. However, with these challenges now behind him following a successful exit, he is poised to rejuvenate his blog, emphasizing the unique value of blogging in today's social media-driven world.

Despite the convenience of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Tunnell advocates for the importance of blogging, especially for professionals in the game development sphere. He argues that while social media offers instant connectivity, it lacks the capacity for the in-depth analysis and detailed discussion that a blog post can provide. Tunnell's own commitment to blogging stems from a belief in its potential to foster deeper engagement and understanding, a principle he has long championed, suggesting that all professionals should partake in blogging to share their insights and experiences.

As he resumes his blogging journey, Tunnell is eager to explore the abundant opportunities in the current gaming market, which he views as an unprecedented era for developers. His return to blogging is not just a personal revival but a call to action for industry professionals to leverage the depth and breadth of blogging to contribute to the rich tapestry of game development discourse.

In this new chapter, Jeff Tunnell's insights and enthusiasm promise to inspire and guide those navigating the ever-expanding universe of game development, reaffirming the timeless value of sharing knowledge through blogging.

First published February 23, 2012 and last updated at March 4, 2024