Torque Game Engine Enters Retirement

As the Torque Game Engine (TGE) transitions into retirement, we reflect on its transformative journey and the future possibilities. Since its inception, TGE has been pivotal in the indie gaming revolution, enabling developers to bring imaginative worlds to life. Its legacy, from powering iconic Dynamix titles to democratizing game development, is undisputed.

With the discontinuation of TGE and its advanced version, TGEA, effective November 1st, 2009, we close a chapter on a tool that reshaped game creation. Yet, in this end, there is a new beginning. The gaming community is abuzz with the potential for TGE to be open-sourced, which would immortalize its contributions by allowing future developers to build upon its foundation.

The engine's affordability and accessibility catalyzed the growth of the indie game sector, a testament to our commitment to innovation and community support. The speculation around open-sourcing TGE underscores our dedication to this spirit, promising a future where TGE continues to empower game development.

As we bid farewell to TGE in its current form, we look forward to its lasting impact through potential open sourcing. This transition embodies our hope for TGE's legacy to inspire and enable future developers. The journey of TGE may be concluding, but its influence on the game development landscape is poised to endure.

In this moment of change, we celebrate TGE's contributions and anticipate its enduring legacy in the hands of the global game development community.

First published September 29, 2009 and last updated at February 19, 2024