A Closer Look at Flashbang Studios' Approach

Flashbang Studios, known for their innovative games like Off Road Velociraptor Safari and Minotaur in a China Shop, has distinguished itself in the industry and we take a look into their methodologies and their impact on future game development.

Core Strategies for Success

Flashbang Studios thrives on a blend of creativity and practical strategies:

  1. Balanced Portfolio: They maintain financial stability by balancing contract work with passion projects.
  2. Fresh Intellectual Property: Annually, Flashbang releases six new games, keeping their offerings vibrant.
  3. Passion-Driven Projects: Shifting focus to games that genuinely interest them has led to more impactful creations.
  4. Technology Leverage: By utilizing the Unity game engine efficiently, they focus on quality within constraints.
  5. Engagement via Blurst: Their game portal, Blurst, has successfully attracted a growing audience by aggregating their innovative games.
  6. After Hours Work: The team do contract work for the primary work and are building Blurst out in their "off hours."

Impact on the Gaming Industry

Flashbang, along with companies like Thatgamecompany and Behemoth, is at the forefront of a new era in game development. Their model of innovation, creativity, and strategic planning is expected to influence the industry significantly.


Flashbang Studios exemplifies a successful approach to game development by balancing creativity with strategy. Their methodology offers insights for developers aiming to make an impact in the evolving gaming landscape.

First published April 16, 2009 and last updated at March 8, 2024