Woohoo! Grunts: Skirmish Has A Logo

Spotkin's development of Grunts: Skirmish showcases a blend of creativity and precision, highlighted by the recent unveiling of its logo by Tim Aste. Starting with a "Game In A Week" initiative, Spotkin has efficiently used Flash and the Push Button Engine to refine the game's 2D experience, emphasizing the joy of game creation.

Tim's blog offers a peek into the development process, with in-game screenshots and animations demonstrating Spotkin's commitment to excellence. Drawing parallels to gourmet pizza making, Spotkin aims to combine quality ingredients—in this case, passion, skill, and innovation—to deliver an extraordinary gaming experience.

As Grunts: Skirmish nears launch, Spotkin's journey reflects a pursuit of excellence, promising a game that is not only enjoyable but also memorable. The team and gamers' anticipation suggests a significant impact upon release.

First published January 17, 2009 and last updated at February 19, 2024