Jeff Tunnell Launches "Make It Big In Games" to Empower Game Developers

Jeff Tunnell, a veteran in the game development arena, has recently embarked on a new venture with the launch of his website and blog, "Make It Big In Games." In its nascent stages, Tunnell's blog is a candid acknowledgment of the groundwork being laid for what promises to be a hub for game development resources. Despite the site being under heavy construction, Tunnell shares his vision and the preliminary steps he has taken to ensure the site's scalability and utility for both aspiring and seasoned game developers.

The blog, though in its preliminary phase, outlines Tunnell's intent to share his extensive experience in the indie game development sector. He anticipates discussing strategies for entering and thriving within the game industry, with a particular emphasis on indie development. Tunnell's approach is inclusive, aiming to equip his readers with the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of game development.

As "Make It Big In Games" progresses from its initial phase to a fully functional site, Jeff Tunnell's journey reflects a thoughtful and strategic approach to building a community and resource for game developers worldwide.

First published January 10, 2006 and last updated at March 8, 2024