Can You Really Make It Big in Games?

For many aspiring game developers, the question looms large: "Can you really make it big in games?" Success stories of companies like Electronic Arts, Sierra, and Activision illustrate how humble beginnings can lead to industry leadership, blending innovation with serendipity to achieve greatness.

Bobby Kotick's Ambitious Journey

Consider Bobby Kotick's story, revealed during a conversation at a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Kotick ambitiously took over the struggling Mediagenic, transforming it into what is now known as Activision. This bold move not only revitalized the company but also propelled Kotick into significant wealth. While inspiring, Kotick's path, marked by financial acumen and elite networking, is less typical in the gaming world.

Garr Godfrey's Approachable Success

Contrastingly, Garr Godfrey, a former Microsoft programmer, ventured into game development, producing simple yet engaging games. His company, Gamehouse, was eventually acquired by Real for $35MM. Godfrey's journey, shared at IndieGamesCon, serves as a relatable success story, demonstrating how small-scale projects can find their audience and achieve remarkable success.

Addressing Modern Skepticism

In today's rapidly evolving gaming landscape, skepticism about replicating such success is understandable. However, "Make It Big In Games" emphasizes that opportunities for innovation still abound. Our goal is to equip aspiring developers with practical strategies, from game conceptualization to team assembly and navigating post-launch dynamics, focusing on actionable advice over mere inspiration.

The Indie Development Evolution

We've seen independent game development grow from an uncertain venture into a recognized industry sector. This shift highlights the vast opportunities available to indie developers to make their mark.

Future Directions

Upcoming posts will explore comprehensive tactics, and we will foster a vibrant community for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

As we step into 2006, the game development landscape is teeming with potential. "Make It Big In Games" is here to guide, inspire, and support the next wave of developers eager to make their mark in the gaming industry.

First published January 17, 2006 and last updated at May 17, 2024