How To Pitch Your Game

It was one year ago that GarageGames introduced the Affiliated Developer program. In that year as a producer I’ve reviewed countless video game pitches from good to awful. I am marking the one year occasion by guest authoring Jeff’s blog to offer broad tips that will help independent game developers successfully pitch themselves or their […]

Anybody Still Here?

Testing, testing. Fhh, fhhh, fhhhhhhh. Is this thing on? Time to blow the cobwebs out of the RSS pipes, and get back to blogging. Wow, time flies when you are having fun. After working on Great Games Experiment for the last part of 2006, I have moved on to actually making games! After seven years […]

Software Patents Are Bad

When working for big companies you sometimes are asked to do things that are not good for your future self or the industry. For instance, years ago when working for Dynamix/Sierra, just as it started to turn corporate, they went on a patent spree. The new Google patent search reminded me that Chris Cole and […]

Should You Make Games For OS-X?

Lately, I have been having second thoughts about OS-X games and committing to “cross platform” development in the sense of PC and OS-X. After spending 1 1/2 hours watching Apple’s Steve Jobs give the worst WWDC keynote in history, I decided to air my concerns on this blog. If anybody from Apple reads this, please […]

Game Conferences and Meet Up With Me

SUMMARY: I’ll be at Casuality, Gnomedex, and Gamefest this Summer. If you want to meet me in person, see below. As I was writing this article, I decided to try out Google’s cool calendar publishing system. Check out Upcoming Events for Jeff Tunnell. 6/27- 6/29/06 Casuality Seattle, WA, USA. If you read my article about […]

Five Realistic Steps To Starting A Game Development Company

Update 4/24/15: This has been the most popular article on MBG, so I just updated it. Also, for more information about getting started in the games business, take a look at my other articles on my Getting Started Making Games page. Lately, I have read a couple of blog articles about starting your own game […]