An Itch That Can’t Be Scratched

Being a serial entrepreneurial is almost an addiction. It is the thrill of starting new things that are nothing but promise, have no baggage, and cannot yet be fully quantified. Once the vision is mostly realized, however, the itch comes back, and the cycle starts all over again. For me, the time has come to […]

Communify Me! 80 Ways to Add Community Features to Games

Video games continue their trajectory towards increased complexity. We’ve watched the jump from 2D sprites, to rendered 3D objects, to next-gen shaders and high polygon models. We’ve seen games go from multiplayer on the same machine, to multiplayer over a modem, to entire server farms hosting persistent games millions of users strong. In the rush […]

Design Journals Rule

Lately, GarageGames has had the good fortune to begin to fund game ideas for publication. So, for a few months, starting last April, I began to talk to outside developers about what games they would like to create. My job was to pull together a portfolio of games that would be unique, fun, and, since […]

Who Was That Masked Writer?

As you may have noticed, the How to Pitch Your Game post was not written by me. It was written by Josh Dallman, a producer at GarageGames. Here is Josh’s profile on Great Games Experiment. Josh is one of the best producers I have ever worked with. He understands game designs at a very deep […]