Design Journals Rule

Lately, GarageGames has had the good fortune to begin to fund game ideas for publication. So, for a few months, starting last April, I began to talk to outside developers about what games they would like to create. My job was to pull together a portfolio of games that would be unique, fun, and, since […]

Software Patents Are Bad

When working for big companies you sometimes are asked to do things that are not good for your future self or the industry. For instance, years ago when working for Dynamix/Sierra, just as it started to turn corporate, they went on a patent spree. The new Google patent search reminded me that Chris Cole and […]

Are Games Art?

OK, I know I’m really late to this party, but I haven’t been able to blog lately because every time I go to write an article about making it in the games industry, this debate pops into my mind. About 150 days or so ago, there was controversy stirred up by Roger Ebert, the well […]