Never Say Never. Back to Making Games!

My last post, dated 3/22/2017 said I was throwing in the towel on a lifetime of game development. I felt that the locked down app stores along with Steam’s virtual monopoly on the PC market made game creation more of a roll of the dice than a business. I had three successful company exits with […]

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Second Generation Game Makers

In the movies we have Kirk and Michael Douglas, in music Bob and Jacob Dylan, and many, many, many more. It is natural for kids to follow in their parent’s footsteps. It happens in all industries, but the games business was too young for it to happen until just recently. Being one of the earliest […]

Blogging In A New Gaming World

If any of you still have your RSS readers connected, you know it has been over a year since I have posted anything to this blog. The reasons are myriad as I’ve been under intense product deadlines, tight NDA’s, and entrepreneurial/company pressures. While NDA’s prevent me from giving you all the full story, suffice it […]

Sad Day… R.I.P. GarageGames, Instant Action, Torque Powered

This post on the Torque Powered site says it all… Today, InstantAction informed employees that it will be winding down operations. While we are shutting down the website and Instant Jam game, will continue to operate while InstantAction explores opportunities with potential buyers for Torque. We thank all of our past and current […]

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