Throwing in the Towel on a Lifetime Career of Game Development

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I got my Apple II in 1981, made my first game in 1982, and started the Computertutor software store in 1983 in my bedroom. Then I met Damon Slye, sold Computertutor, and started Dynamix in 1984. blah, blah, blah. Fast forward 33 years, and it’s been a good run, with three big company exits, close to 100 products and games, and incredible interactions with 100’s of incredibly talented employees and partners. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Even though I love making games more than anything, it’s time to wind down my game development career. I have always surfed the latest trend or been ahead (sometimes too far) of what is happening in games, but this past round of consolidation of platforms into app stores and literally millions of games coming to market caught me flat footed, and I’m out of ideas on how to succeed. We tried our hardest at Spotkin. I am extremely proud of Contraption Maker, and know that this iteration of “The Incredible Machine” will live on for a long time, even if it doesn’t make enough money for us to make a living.

Kevin Ryan‘s Top Meadow company will be officially taking over Contraption Maker, and Spotkin will go away. Kevin is an amazing programmer and game designer, so the product will be in good hands for many years to come.

Watch for me on or I am going to be working on farming, building, mentoring, investing, weed farming, mountain biking, motorcycling, staying in shape and having fun.

-Jeff Tunnell, ex-Game Maker