All Incredible Machine Music In One Place For Marketing

I recently put all of the original Incredible Machine CD music up on Spotkin’s Soundcloud to preserve it for myself and future generations of players that may be interested in that bit of history. I then exposed the Soundcloud content in a blog post on our Contraption Maker site. In addition to saving the music, part of the motivation is obviously to put up evergreen content on Contraption Maker to get Google to send us traffic.

Incredible Machine 3 CD

This technique is called Content Marketing, and can be very effective in the long run. Within the first couple of days, this post has brought over 100 visitors to the Contraption Maker site, which is peanuts. At our current conversion rate of 1.6% we have gotten maybe a couple of sales. This is definitely not worth the money, but over time this traffic will build on itself, and you never know when you may hit an article out of the park that bring thousands of people to your site.

What kinds of unusual things are you doing to promote your game?

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker
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