Hard To Believe: Three Years Of Blogging

Wow, where did the time go? On January 11, 2006, I started this Make It Big In Games blog. In case you can’t tell, the title is a tongue in cheek reference to the cheesy real estate and self help ads that try to sell you on getting rich by following their methods. In contrast, just making a living in the games business is anything but easy, and I have done my best to get that point across in this blog.

Sim City As Blog Metaphor

Sim City As Blog Metaphor

In spite of my focus on the difficulties of making a living making games, my most popular posts have been related to how much money you can make by making games. In fact, my most popular post, How Much Money Can Your XBox 360 Game Make, was one of my first posts, getting picked up by Major Nelson’s, Kotaku, etc. It was one of my first posts causing my traffic to go through the roof. I thought this blogging thing was gong to be easy.

Well, blogging is not easy. Even with a small blog like this, thinking of article ideas is always in the back of your mind, and getting around to writing the articles is hard work. Because of that, I have had long periods where I didn’t write articles, and my Alexa traffic rating went down to around 800,000. However, since the middle of 2008, I have tried to write at least one article per week, and my Alexa rating has dropped (which is good) to 282,050. In addition my Feedburner stats say that over 1,200 people read my articles through an RSS reader.

While it sometimes seems kind of like a waste of time, I always like to think what it would be like if all of those readers were in a room at one time. I’m not a great public speaker, and crowds make me nervous, so I know that I would be absolutely nervous speaking in front of the MBG crowd. That is very cool.

Having a blog reminds me a little bit of playing Sim City, i.e. you write a post, which is like zoning land, and see if you get comments and good feedback which is like the Sims moving in. Just like Sim City, when it works, it makes you feel good. For 2009 and beyond, I’ll continue “zoning and building” with new articles, additional features like my newly added community forums, hopefully bringing back the MBG Wiki, etc.

Lastly, make sure to visit the new forum section of MBG and let me know what you would like me to blog about in the future. Having the forum section is going to be a great community builder.

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker
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8 thoughts on “Hard To Believe: Three Years Of Blogging

  1. James Urquhart says:

    Wow, it seems like only yesterday when i saw this blog and its oddly placed bold text and thought “Wow, Jeff started a new blog. Great! But wait, what is with this bold text? It must be some form of code!”.

    Sadly i never did crack the code. :)

    So here's to another 3 years of blogging. Have fun.

  2. I recently found this blog and thought this to be a good place to drop my first post (I don't know, it seemed fitting, lol). This is a cool blog and I look forward to reading your future thoughts.

    Nice comparison to Sim City, I'll have to share that with my clients.

  3. You have achieved much in these three years, as a blogger you have grown up to a very high level, I would like to appreciate tthe effora you have made in writing this article and for makig this blog worth readable and enjoyable.

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