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Welcome to the new digs of Make It Big In Games.  MBG is now running a Tim Aste design on our shiny new One Press Community (OPC) theme and WordPress 2.7.  OPC is one of the first offerings of our new company, Push Button Labs.  While I don’t want to announce all that it will do here, it basically turns WordPress in to a content management system (CMS) and attaches it to the popular Open Source phpBB forum system.  Look for more info soon.

For those of you in a RSS reader, here is a pic of the new MBG site:
Make It Big In Games New Design
I am still learning the ins and outs of the new system, and I am sure there will be bugs because the change over was a big project.  If you experience any navigation issues or have any suggestions to make the site better, please leave a note in the comments.  I am pretty sure I will be changing over from Disqus to the Intense Debate commenting system that Automattic recently acquired.  Disqus has made my life a lot easier since I installed it, but feel that ID will have the inside track to working better with WordPress now and in the future.

Early next week, we will be turning on the forums for MBG.  My goals are to turn MBG into a destination site for game developers to learn about game development, design, business, and life style issues.

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker

Make It Big In Games

11 thoughts on “Make It Big In Games New Design

  1. This is a post from me testing to make sure comments still work. Here are some of the things that I think need to be changed: gray area around Game Development Basics is too dark (that area will actually turn into a cool OPC feature “rotator”), the subscribe via email or RSS widget needs to be put back in, my blog roll is getting too long, comment counter is broken (don't want to put too much work on it sue to upcoming switch to ID).

  2. pretty cool. Seeing as I copied your original layout (unintentionally, tho I did feel better about having chosen it after I realized hey, it's the same as MBG!) I may have to look into this when more info is revealed. Or if you need another test bed let me know

  3. So this site does not work in Chrome as far as I can tell. What's odd is that it loads the old page (before the style change) verbatim. Maybe you know it does not work in Chrome and when you detect it you route them to the old stuff?

      • I have deleted everything (cache, history, cookies) and verified that other sites have no recollection of the past and the site still comes up in the old style with “Right About Lively, PC Mag Closes, Corporate Speak” as the top article.

        It sounds like it is just my issue though. I can use Firefox.

      • Ok, my system crashed and when I brought it back up the new layout worked in Chrome. I'm not even going to try to guess.

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