Hit Of Nostalgia

My daughter Allison is really into photography. Today this photo of an old, worn out Gameboy went up on her Flickr:

Old Gameboy

A couple of things immediately jumped out at me. First was a wash of nostalgia, remembering the kids playing these things until they were literally worn out. I don’t know how many we went through, but I am sure we used up at least five of these old Gameboys. I remember head to head Tetris with Colleen while laying in bed. That song still gets stuck in my head. I remember the kids trying to “collect them all” in Pokemon, playing Dr. Mario, Mario and Luigi, Golden Sun, etc. Those Gameboys kept the backseat quiet on trips, shortened airplane trips, and were played on beaches in Hawaii or in ski lodges on Mt. Bachelor. They were simply part of our lives. Sniff :)

The second thing that really hits home is just how much fun can be had with nearly zero processor power, black and white, dinky resolution, and no graphics processing. We didn’t even know what a shader was. 3D was not needed. SFX were minimalistic, yet the songs still ring through our heads. Great design, fun game play, and focus on what is important made the games classic.

Fortunately, these values seem to be coming back to games. There are so many outlets for games that creative teams with innovative visions can bring their creations to wide audiences.

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker