Who Was That Masked Writer?

As you may have noticed, the How to Pitch Your Game post was not written by me. It was written by Josh Dallman, a producer at GarageGames. Here is Josh’s profile on Great Games Experiment.

Josh Dallman Ripping on a Mini Bicycle

Josh is one of the best producers I have ever worked with. He understands game designs at a very deep level, can help with the contracting process, is extremely organized, and has lived the “Indie” life. After a stint at Microsoft, Josh decided he wanted to make games. He took the advice of “right sizing your life” to the most extreme level I have ever seen by selling all of his stuff, getting in his car (that became his house), and moving to Mexico in order to save enough money to get his game made. For anybody that thinks game development should be easy or handed to them on a silver platter, Josh is a living example that you are wrong.

After turning me down several times, Josh finally accepted a position at GarageGames, where he has been in charge of acquiring games for the GG Game Store as well as some other important tasks that we can’t talk about right now. Josh has agreed to help me get more regular posts out here on Make It Big In Games as well as help fill out our lingering game development wiki.

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker
Make It Big In Games

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