Anybody Still Here?

Testing, testing. Fhh, fhhh, fhhhhhhh.

Is this thing on?

Time to blow the cobwebs out of the RSS pipes, and get back to blogging.

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. After working on Great Games Experiment for the last part of 2006, I have moved on to actually making games! After seven years of working on GarageGames, and kind of delaying gratification by not getting to work directly on games, I am finally back in the saddle… and it feels awesome!

Of course, I have been working on some more top secret stuff that will be announced soon, but isn’t that always the case? Can’t wait to discuss publicly.

I am looking forward to writing about what is rapidly shaping up to be the absolute best time in history to make games. There is money to make games, rabid demand from gamers on all formats is pushing competition harder than ever, but that is creating huge opportunities. If you ever wanted to make games, now is the time. The slump is WAAAAY over, and it is time to hammer it!

-Jeff Tunnell, Game Maker

12 thoughts on “Anybody Still Here?

  1. I´m getting the RSS, so it should be working fine. Looking forward to your posts (please, share your secrets with us :)).

    The only strange thing is that I often post comments here, but they are not saved…

    Oh yes, and thanks a lot for the link!

  2. Congratulations on getting back into the devleopment saddle Jeff. I know its something that you have wanted to get back into for a while now so I imagine that this must be a very refreshing change for you.

    I was hoping to catch up with you at IGC over some beers, but unfortunately I will not be attending. So remember to hold me to a drink or two next time we meet as I would enjoy the chance to sit down and talk with you.

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