Grand Theft Ping Pong?

I don’t care who you are this is funny!

There’s bleeding in the streets. Electronic Arts is laying people off. Activision lays off 7% of it’s workforce. Atari is on it’s last legs, taking Infogrames down with it. Lionhead lays off 20% of its workforce. PC sales are down 14% in 2005. Etc., etc.

How does Rockstar handle it?


Ping Pong Paddle

Oh, but it is next generation. This cracks me up.

These are the same guys that publish Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Max Payne, Smuggler’s Run, Manhunt, and Red Dead Revolver. I wouldn’t even pay attention to this, but it seems to me that just a few years ago, when they were riding high on GTA, they were spouting all this crap about how nobody in the game business had a clue, and how they were going to change the game industry with adult titles, real stories, sex, and violence. And now, after all the failures and crapola maybe they can save their company with Ping Pong?

Oh yeah, the best part is that their parent company, Take Two Interactive, is rumored to be on the sales block. Hmmm. I have some free advice for anyone out there. Don’t buy the stock.

Why did I write about this in a blog about how to make a living making Indie Games?

Because it is just so damn cool to not have to worry about Wall Street, sequels, industry upturns/downturns, sex, violence, or “transition years.”

-Jeff Tunnell, Game MakerMake It Big In GamesGarageGames

  • PoV

    Your serve.

  • DaPimpn’ator

    Ping Pong is the new Curling! How can you think this will not revolutionize gaming? If sex and violence can’t sell Ping Pong what hope do we have?

    Players require indie devs to make good games or they will tell us to ‘get a job’, long before a corp. layoff gets around to it.

  • Charlie Cleveland

    Long live indies!

  • Nick Harris

    The only chance this has of being a fun game to play is if they release it for the revolution for use with that wicked cool remote controller. I would buy a game that enabled me to play ping pong against my friends over the net, by swinging my remote wildly in front of the tv… or maybe even that crappy eye toy would have decent potential too, as long as it’s online enabled.

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  • Logan Foster

    I think I will wait for the “Hot Cocoa” mod to come out for this. You know the one where you play against a Dominatrix and some “paddling” goes on.

  • Jerane Alleyne

    I keep thinking April Fool’s joke, or at least not all the details on what this game will be in the end, like knockign someones head off with the ping pong ball…

  • RichGK


    So it’s out now and people love it. It came out nice and cheap, and is a blast to play on live.

    Still think it was a mistake?

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