OK, the Blogging Has Started

Welcome to my blog. Everything is under heavy construction right now, so I’m not really blogging yet. I need to make sure everything is going to work and grow with me in the future as my traffic goes up to, say, 10 readers or so.

As of now, I have decided to get an actual domain name, Make It Big In Games, use Word Press (open source, lots of plug-ins, easy to move around, free), host it at Yahoo (because it was a one button installation) for $8 per month, get a Feedburner account to watch the traffic on my RSS feeds, set up a premium wiki account at PBwiki (excellent wiki that has an awesome free account to get you started), http://makeitbigingames.pbwiki.com, so the community can join me in spreading my ideas.

After I run a few more tests, implement a few more features, figure out what the site will actually look like, I will try to make fairly regular posts about how to get into and survive in the game business. Most of my writing will be about the Indie side of the business because that is where I think the real action is going to be in the future.

It may seem redundant, but I am going to include all of my contact information at the bottom of all of my articles. There are so many scraping sites that I want to make sure that if my article is going to generate traffic for somebody, at least I get credit for it. I could only release summaries of my articles, but I know I like reading entire articles in my reader.

-Jeff Tunnellmakeitbigingamesgaragegames

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  • http://www.flybert.net Erik ‘Flybert’ Aamot

    well .. I’m here Jeff ..

    joined GG same day Mark officially came aboard in 2000 , hard to believe it’s been this long .. and I still haven’t done diddley with my copy of TGE

    oh well .. I’m good at PR and marketing , could certainly fix up your Cottage Grove Yamama website a bit … lol …

  • http://www.thehazymind.com Michael Schuld

    Hey, just wondering if you have an estimate on when the wiki wil be open for public additions to the content, or if you are going to keep it only as password protected where I can sign up to get one ;)

  • http://nadreck.criticalgames.com Nabil

    Came across this blog via Greg Costikyan’s blog. Definitely some excellent writing in here, and I’ve added your feed to my aggregator. Keep it up!